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The Schumacher IPD-1000 Instant Power Portable Jump Starter is a versatile, multi-purpose portable power jump starter and DC power source and is an absolute must for anyone! This unit also features a built-in halogen light for emergency illumination and easy to read battery status LED lights. The convenient charging cradle provides constant charging for long battery life, and the built-in circuit provides automatic recharging of the internal battery. The 9 ampere hour battery, when fully charged, provides plenty of starting power and allows for multiple starts- perfect for cars, SUV's, light trucks, and boats. With a maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery and #8 gauge, 26" cold weather flex cables, you can be sure that your IPD-1000 will come through when you need it. An audible alarm warns you if the clamps are on the wrong terminals, saving both the unit and your battery from damage. The heavy-duty, copper-jaw, spark-resistant clamps fit both top and side-post batteries and store right on the unit.

Technical Details

- Versatile & portable power pack jump starts cars, light trucks, SUV's, and boats
- Complete with convenient charging cradle utilizing "4-Ever charging technology" to keep this unit fully charged and ready to go
- Reliable and portable for power on the go with built-in halogen worklight
- DC accessory power port features both overload and short circuit protection
- Reverse hook up protection with an audible alarm
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Customer Buzz
 "Underpowered" 2008-04-28
By J. Santy
As soon as I used this jump starter to attempt a start of my lawn tractor, it signaled that it needed to be charged despite the fact that this was the first use after it was initially charged until the green light came on.

I recharged it until the green light came back on and tried again to charge the lawn tractor battery-still nothing.

I finally used a plug in battery charger and that did the trick. I don't know how useful this unit would be if I needed it to jump start a car battery.

Customer Buzz
 "Jump start most any car" 2008-03-01
By R. G.
The thing work as advertised. It went for about two weeks without a charge, while handling five or six jump starts. The power docking station is handy just plug in a make a space for it to sit. The light is a nice feature that I haven't had a used yet, but it does leave you with a peace of mind to know that it's there.

There is only one downside to it, the charge indicator LEDs don't work properly. On my unit two lights come on when you check button, Fully Charged and Needs Charging. It may be a defect in my unit, other than that it works perfectly

Customer Buzz
 "does the job" 2007-10-17
By Donald Cash
So far has worked perfectly for light home use. I've used it several times to start everything from my mower to my GMC van. Great to have around.

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